Câmara de Comércio Luso-Belga-Luxemburguesa

Câmara de Comércio Luso-Belga-Luxemburguesa is a membership website for a Portuguese chamber of commerce who were in need of a much needed upgrade of their site.


Câmara de Comércio Luso-Belga-Luxemburguesa (usually known as CCLBL) approached Leaping Ahead to revise and update their website to bring it up to date and to better meet the needs of their membership.  Their old site did not manage membership or renewals and looked dated and tired.

Leaping Ahead Solution

Leaping Ahead set out to investigate the needs of the membership as well as the organisation and determined that there were administrative duties that could easily be integrated into the website and reduce manual intervention.
Redevelopment of the site included :

  • developing a contemporary, professional feel for the website
  • integration of membership software which could send renewals and reduce administration
  • adding newsletter component to manage mailing lists and facilitate easier mailing of information in a professional template.
  • setting up event software to enable a professional display of events and enable online booking and payment.
  • ensuring that content was set out in a practical way and answered all quetions that a potential / member may ask as well as providing detail for visitors.

The resulting new website has had a positive impact on the professional image of CCLBL.


The Old CCLBL Website                                                                 NEW Updated CCLBL Website


 Camera de Comercio Luso-Bega-Luxemburguesa