There are many reasons for choosing a good host

  • speed - using cheap servers on the other side of the world can cost you speed
  • up time, you want your servers to be up all the time and usually there is a 99.5% likilihood of that
  • support when you need it
  • we prefer cPanel as an interface for clients, it is easy for them to manage and gives them access to so much, including Email, databases, scripts, domain add ons and more.
  • on site backups to reduce the impact of emergencies

There are still some folks who don't understand why they need hosting.  Let's just say that the hosting package for your website is the house for your website and it is what your website needs in order for it to be 'live' on the world wide web.   So be sure to choose the best house for your website.

Our hosting packages are designed to the client's needs and are priced very reasonably.  Unlike most companies we don't host hundreds of clients so your service is very personalised, so contact us to discuss your needs.

All our hosting uses world-class cPanel, why do we think it's the bee's knee's ... because it puts your whole website hosting in your hands.  From cPanel you can manage your email accounts, site files, php admin, statistices, etc and more.  Below is a screenshot of the panel and a demo link.

Need help with your domain or hosting strategy...  contact us for an assessment.



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